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EyeCast – Cloud Based Surveillance Recording Solution

EyeCast is a cloud-based DVR solution! It is especially well suited to businesses that have multiple locations, such as: Fast Food Franchises Chain Retailers Any Business With Branch Offices Eyecast incorporates the best of Video Surveillance Technology and offers a fully integrated, cost-effective, turn-key service that eliminates all of the normal hassles of DVR Management.


Samsung SRD 1673D-1TB DVR

Samsung SRD 1673D-1TB 16-Channel 4CIF Real-Time H.264 Digital Video Recorder Samsung SRD-1673D A solid workhorse DVR is perfect for single location small and medium business! The next generation of Samsung’s DVR products add Full HD 1080p HDMI video out, support for 650TV lines analog cameras, and a sleek touch sensitive front panel.

By DVR Market Study Editor | Stand-alone DVR

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