EyeCast – Cloud Based Surveillance Recording Solution

EyeCast is a cloud-based DVR solution!

It is especially well suited to businesses that have multiple locations, such as:

  • Fast Food Franchises
  • Chain Retailers
  • Any Business With Branch Offices

Eyecast incorporates the best of Video Surveillance Technology and offers a fully integrated, cost-effective, turn-key service that eliminates all of the normal hassles of DVR Management.  Of course, stored or archived video can be viewed, retrieved, and delivered anywhere with or without Internet access as well as live viewing of the camera feeds through any Internet connection.  You can be at your desktop with a computer, on your I-Phone, Android or Blackberry, or any other PDA that has Internet access to view the video online.

What makes EyeCast the clear leader?

There are thousands of different video surveillance products on the market that work reasonably well as independent systems for people with video surveillance expertise.  However, they are difficult to use for most and cost of ownership is high.  Eyecast overcomes the drawbacks of existing video surveillance products with its cloud based video surveillance service that offers:

Simplicity Eyecast makes retrieving video as easy as screwing in a light bulb.  Have you ever tried retrieving critical video from a DVR?
Lowest cost cloud Lowest cost cloud based solution available with services starting at well under $10 per camera per month.
Scalability Supports millions of cameras concurrently with unlimited storage.
Manageability Eyecast’s unique network management system enables the automatic setup and active monitoring of millions of customers worldwide to deliver a simple, plug and play video surveillance solution.
Reliability Bulletproof video surveillance.  Eyecast’s non-stop video surveillance JPEG2000 based architecture records 7×24 with no interruptions.
Security Video images are secured off-site in Eyecast’s cloud-based storage vault.  All video is tamper proof so that it may be used for evidentiary purposes in a court of law.  Local DVRs can be defeated by on site / hands on intervention
Programmability Eyecast systems can work together with other customer equipment to deliver an integrated video surveillance solution such as battery backup (UPS), photo and alarm sensors, POS systems and RFID technology.

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