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Between October 1, 2014 and December 15, 2014, the PerfectReputations® Analysis Team reviewed over 250 major CCTV DVR products available in the United States. From these, we narrowed the field down to ten representative products/services in the market based upon our criteria.

In selecting these 10, we looked at overall focus on the product subject category, as well as their depth and extent of product features, brands, and solutions.  Nine of the ten were traditional DVR products in various price ranges and features, and one that we found worthy of consideration was a cloud-based surveillance solution service.


Devices and services considered were 16 channel DVRs or more, and available in the United States based.  The specifications that we detailed were obtained from either the manufacturer’s own website or major retailers, such as

After performing our initial reviews of each product or service, we reduced the number of criteria to a subset that we felt fully represented the essence of what the buyer would be looking for both in quality and breadth of features, and then compared that to various retailers best selling products.  In each criteria, we evaluated the Digital Video Recorder product specifications and commonized then for comparison purposes.

The results of this study for the final 10 DVR products can be found on our homepage for your review.

All observations and results were based upon what could be observed by our staff in visits to the DVR manufacturer and retailer websites.  Please notify us of any errors or omissions – confirmation will be required to make any adjustments.


In performing this study, we were actually surprised by the large gap between the market leading products from different manufacturers and how they compared to the leading cloud-based solution, especially when considering the needs of multi-location (multi-site) businesses looking for surveillance solutions without the DVR management nightmares.  While the national brands have much larger ability to excel and create an infinite variety of models and feature sets, just one cloud-base surveillance DVR appears to satisfy all requirements exceptionally.

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